Walking up in the morning

Grrrrh.. the sound i made waking up this morning..i haven’t even slept a bit !! i believe i wasn’t the only one that walked up to that feeling.Then i got myself thinking, do i want to always walk up like this to work for someone else, and help them accomplish their dreams and goals? NO  no…and this is why i want inspire someone else out there and let them know that life is more than employment,more than making money and more than acquiring enormous materials.

Life is the sum of our thinking patterns, and the mental image of ourselves and what we want it to be.Fine ,fine ..i know what you’re thinking ! Off course we need finances to accomplish some of our goals and run our daily hassles and bustles ,but is it everything really!! Then why do this freaking rich people have depression, broken marriages and families , abuse drugs ,sad to name a few?? There is the essence of inward peace and happiness that are acquired from simple things, e.g an honest relationship and affection with the people in our lives, self acceptance, being able to look back and appreciate our socio-economic milestones .

Success is where we are able to accomplish our daily set goals and not procrastination, but unless we cultivate that in our minds,we will always wine, and continue walking up in the morning with that irritating sound.

Employment and our mindset

Damn..!! The words i said while walking up this morning, i haven’t even slept a bit ! But i believe i wasn’t  the only one one walking up with that feeling. Then i thought to myself, will i always be walking up with a frown face like this,to go and help someone else live their dreams and accomplish their goals? No no..have got to stop having this poor man’s mentally..whereby employment is everything and the only thing and this why am sitting here determined to inspire someone else too ,there is more to life than just being an employee, or than becoming a workaholic so that you can have a better life.We can too become bosses.

Someone once told me that life is a sum total of our thinking patterns ; the way we think affects the way we feel and the way we feel directly affects the way we act..this is to say that the how we view life we determine how we will act, e.g if we believe that working over time and being workaholics is the key to success , then we will automatically act towards that, leading spending the best part of your life in job applications, chasing job and even spend the best part of our days at work place at the expense of our families and those little children growing up,or our spouses.

Fine fine… i know whats going on in your mind right now! of-course we do need finances to carry out our daily hassles and bustle, but is it the ultimate thing that completes your life?? If you’ve said yes ask yourself this, why do we still have this freaking loaded people have depressions, broken marriages and families , just to name but a few!!

There is the essence of peaceful mind and tranquility that everyone needs, which are acquired from simple but most important people and the environment around us ;an honest relationship and affection with the people in our lives, exploring nature or just spending time quality time with yourself ,to recognize and appreciate your achievements and you families.

kenneth E.Malavi